Who is Jenna O’del?

Jenna O’del is a young author from Rhode Island. She published her debut novel, Hidden Presences, the first installment in the Hidden Strength Series, on October 23rd, 2015. Shortly after the publication of Hidden Presences, she began the Tumblr  Wildlife Wednesdays series, where she wrote about the real-life versions of her characters. Wildlife Wednesdays has since evolved into the occasional Wondrous Wednesdays Tumblr series.

What’s the Hidden Strength Series?

The Hidden Strength Series is a high fantasy series, featuring anthropomorphic humanoid characters of various species. The main character is Adamar, a fox, who goes on a quest with his fellow archers Hmo, a bat, and Ohanzee, a coyote, to rescue Adamar’s kit, Miro. Miro has been stolen by King Girbindon, a wicked bear who rules the Darvin kingdom. In Hidden Presences, Adamar, Hmo, and Ohanzee are all in their twenties, while Miro is a toddler. Multiple viewpoints are explored in Hidden PresencesHidden Presences can have a middle-grade/young adult audience, but can be read by any age, as indicated by the reader-described depth of the story.


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