Hidden Presences is Available Early!

Hidden Presences was set to be available October 25th, 2015, but is ready for purchase today, October 23rd! It can be purchased through Createspace currently, and will be available on Amazon within a few days.

It can be purchased here. Reviews and emails are welcome.

Hidden Presences is a middle-grade anthropomorphic fantasy novel:

In the middle of the night, Adamar the fox’s kit, Miro, is stolen. When Adamar learns about Miro’s disappearance, he is guided towards the Darvin kingdom, and its king, Girbindon. Adamar and his fellow archers head out on a quest to bring Miro home. On the quest, they must fight the forces of Girbindon, who is determined to keep Miro for his evil plans. Adamar is ready to get Miro back at any cost, but he quickly begins to discover just how far Girbindon’s influence reaches…


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